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Airlead Consultants are highly experienced to provide the best & economic services to you for Umrah 2017 , 2018. Call us 0203-887-0089 to get complete information and assistance for your holy journey to Hajj & Umrah.




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1.Early Bird Saving:-

If you are planning  to perform HAJJ/UMRAH than its better to book as early as you can. Because  when you book earlier you will get good Price for your Ticket, Hotels etc and even you can get your desired services for Hotels. So basically  you will be getting best services with best discounted /cheapest price.


2.Group & Tailor Made UMRAH Packages:-

In group UMRAH Packages everything is pre-planned like travelling dates, flights, hotels etc. You have to adjust your time and days to travel for UMRAH. Group Packages is good for the persons who want to travel alone. Because it will cost them cheaper and they will also get assistance by Muallims  and other persons If you are travelling for the very  first time. It is also an advise to the families who are traveling for first time.

In Tailor made umrah packages you can manage your umrah package according to your desire like you can chose your traveling dates, flights, hotels even transport schedule.


3. Umrah For 1 Person :-

Usually when some persons traveling together they will get assistance and help from each other even price is cheaper for everyone because the price divided on each person but when only 1 person wants to travel alone to perform umrah than it will cost him/her more as he/she will be paying all. So, it is advised that if you are traveling alone chose your package wisely to get the good price deal for your umrah package.


4. Starting Of Umrah Every Year 2017 – 2018 :-

Tawaf around Ka’aba never stops but as per Saudi Ministry it is allowed that person from outside Saudi Arab can perform umrah  from 15 Moharram till 30th Ramadan. It Means every year umrah opens for UK citizen with starting of Islamic year and they can travel for umrah till 30th Ramadan.


5. December Umrah Package 2017 – 2018 :-

When Umrah season starts for UK citizens , the customers preferably wants to travel in their December holidays which is Christmas  time as they get long holidays from their Jobs, School etc.

It’s a very busy time period and the prices for flights, hotels and transport are very high so its better to book your umrah package for this period as early as you can to get good price deals.


6. January Umrah 2018 :-

After December the month of January is a low period to perform umrah and best to book your umrah package if you have limited budget to perform umrah. Also you will have the opportunity to avail high class hotels in a very reasonable price as compare to December.


7. February Umrah 2018 :-

February is the second busy period to perform umrah , because of the mid-term holidays. The date from 07th February till 22nd February is expensive to perform umrah but you can get very good deals if you are making your booking earlier.


8. March Umrah 2018 :-

Ending dates in February till 20th March is a low period again to perform umrah with good package prices.

You can compare the prices with us.


9. Easter Umrah 2018 :-

Third and most traveling period for UK customers is Easter holidays. Most of the customers plans to perform umrah in Easter as their children get long holidays and they have more time to spend in Mecca and Medina. But as usual this period is also comparatively expensive than previous periods, so it is advised to chose your dates / hotel very wisely and book early to get good deals.


10. Umrah In Rajab / Shaban 2017 – 2018 :-

According to Hijri (Islamic) year Rajab and Shaban is coming in April and May 2017. The weather gets more hot in this period but  the price is very cheap in these months. As compare to Ramadan if customers have very low budget to perform umrah than it is an ideal time phrase when they can get cheapest prices.


11. Umrah In Ramadan 2017 – 2018 :-

Holy month of Ramadan is the most expensive month to perform umrah. It is the last month in an Islamic year for the UK citizens when they can travel to umrah.

Umrah in first 10 days of Ramadan is comparatively cheaper than second 10 days of Ramadan. And the last 10 days of Ramadan is the most expensive days in Islamic year to perform umrah as it will be closed after Ramadan till Moharram for UK citizens.

So chose your umrah package wisely to get everything according to your desire and makes your Journey a very wonderful and memorable.

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