Group Umrah Packages from London 2019-2020

Journeys of our daily lives are so different from the journey to the Holy land and we cannot compare any journey with a tour to the Holy land of Makkah and Madina.

Visiting the Holy land of Kabbah once in our life can change our life because the view and the feelings are totally different KABBAH.

A person feels greatest and positive in KABBAH and the most important thing is the realization of our sins and this realization is enough to make a Muslim a better person. Touching and kissing Hajra-e-Aswad is really beautiful for a muslim. Due to the chance of Umrah, all previous sins of a Muslim can be forgiven and the feeling that our previous sins have been forgiven can make us protective regarding next sins and we will try to do all good deeds.

Muslims should be very thankful to ALLAH for this beautiful journey towards Makkah. Due to the countless benefits and blessings, this journey has a lot of importance in the lives of Muslims. Muslims should not make habits of useless activities and should try to spend their time in good deeds after performing Umrah. Spending your time in Namaz and in reading the Quran will be beautiful and beneficial for every muslim.

There are many places for visit when you go for Umrah.

Here are some places when you will go for Umrah, you must visit here Visiting this place during Umrah will make you bless and happy.



Mount Arafah


Cave Suhr





The Well of Uthman (Bir e Usman)






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