Muslims perform two types of pilgrims each year, one which is called Umrah. This can be performed at any time during the year whereas Hajj has a specific date under the Islamic calendar.  Umrah in Islam is visiting the Ka’bah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The government of Saudi Arabia manages the logistics of visitors when perform Umrah, therefore it requires visa and travel management through an authorised Umrah/Hajj service provider. The act of Umrah can take up to 2-4 hours to complete, and is not compulsory in Islam.


There is no restriction when performing Umrah for men however women must be accomplished by a mahram (husband, brother, or father) to perform the ritual. All men performing Umrah have to put white clothes around him known as Ihraam which he ties on himself before he enters Mecca. There is no designated clothing for women, except that they are prohibited from wearing Niqaab, perfume, jewellery, makeup and gloves, symbolizing simple.


When a pilgrim enters al-Masjid Al-Haraam it is advised that he enters with his right foot and recites Bismillah. The main rituals of an Umrah include something called Tawaaf. This is seven circles around the Holy Kaaba; this can be done as closer or as far from the Kaaba. This is performed by both men and women.

The act of Umrah has certain pillar which is required to be completed when performing the pilgrim. Walking between As-Safaa and Al-Marwah is one of them. The two mountains which are not far from the city of Mecca require you to walk 7 times from and to the hills. A walk from Safa to Marwah and back to Safa and Marwah makes 2 rounds.

Umrah is completed by stepping out of the Ihram which was prohibited during the duration of the act. Once the Ihram has been removed, men must shave their heads and women will cut their hair an inch from the tip.


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