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However, the literal meaning of Umrah is to visit a populated place, the meaning that Umrah has in Shariah is to circumvent the Black Stone. Intrinsically, the meaning of Umrah is to please and praise Allah SWT and seek the right path under the lights of Sharia.




Umrah is a minor pilgrimage and the most sacred act that is not obligatory like Hajj. Although Umrah is not an obligatory rite, it is highly recommended for those who can afford it, since it is the best source to purify the pain of the soul.


Holy Prophet SAWW said:

“True wealth is the wealth of the soul”


It is clearly represented through this saying that Allah Almighty emphasizes the eternal wealth that can be achieved by doing good deeds that would certainly please His Lord. And one of the best ways to have this is the performance of Umrah.


At another place, Hazrat Talha Bin Ubaidullah narrated that Holy Prophet SAWW said:

“Hajj is Jihad and Umrah is voluntary”


The greatest desire of every Muslim to visit the Holy Kaaba can be fulfilled even if he / she does not perform the Hajj, performing the cheapest Hajj and Umrah Package in the UK. Another aspect that benefits him with respect to the performance of Umrah is that it can be done relatively in less time than the Hajj, according to his choice. The Umrah encompasses the rituals that will be performed in the Hajj, but the Hajj includes some rights more than the Umrah.

The meaning that causes the performance of Umrah is the cleansing of the soul. The soul of the Muslims would be cleansed like a newborn baby if all the work is done keeping pure intentions. Furthermore, it shows that Muslims from all over the world are united to please their only Creator and that they would be in one place for the good of their Lord, so that all can serve Him in the best way through the explanations of His loved ones. Wanderings.

All the rituals of Umrah are significant. ALLAH Almighty makes certain rituals the part of Umrah. Each of the rituals itself has a certain meaning and is assigned in function of having been a certain meaning.

Steps to follow:

The first step that the white dress (Ihram) takes means that you finally reach a state in which certain things become Haram for you, even if they are not Haram in the usual routine. Ihram basically means the amalgam of Niyyah (intention) and Talbiyah (a state when certain permissible things become inadmissible for pilgrims). However, evidently Ihram is just a dress; Rather, the real Ihram is the intention and becomes inadmissible with respect to various acts.

Tawaf simply means to circumvent the Black Stone, but the meaning it prompts is serving ALLAH Almighty that we are all here for you and you are the only Creator of the entire world in whose sole call, all Muslims meet in one place and the intention behind you’re The purpose is similar. All of them are walking around the Black Stone in a cohesive way to follow Allah’s commands and rules. The meaning that Tawaf represents is defending the voice of ALLAH (SWT) and remaining determined in the path of ALLAH Almighty.

Taqsir is the cut or shortening of the hair reserved for women and Halq is the total shaving of the head reserved for women. The purpose behind this ritual is to submit the will over glorifying semblances to ALLAH (SWT). It means that despite emphasizing spiritual beauty, ALLAH (SWT) is also pleased to see His men in good looks that use the blessings they have had and be grateful to ALLAH Almighty for all the blessings.

Another ritual of Umrah, Sai is performed by walking between the hills of Safa and Marwah constantly for seven times. Going back and forth between these hills is done in the memory of Hazrat Hajra (R.A) who ran here in search of water for his son Ismail. It represents the meaning of maternal love. The ritual reminds us of the care of the mother and unconditional love.

Tahallul, the final event of the cheap Hajj and Umrah package with flights leaves the state of Ihram and the things that would be inadmissible for you at the time of using Ihram can be allowed again for you. In this state, the prohibited acts become legal for the pilgrims again. It is the final state of Umrah.

The meaning of Umrah is the obedience of ALLAH (SWT) and the preference of His commandments over all worldly matters and problems. One must remain obedient in the path of ALLAH (SWT), whatever the condition. It also describes the control over Nafs (desires) that prohibited acts could not and would not be performed. Not only is it necessary for the limited period of Umrah; rather, it gives a lifelong lesson that by using Ihram (maintaining pure intentions and staying away from bad deeds) brings us to the world of heaven that all Muslims seek. It is the spiritual journey instead of just a body trip.

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