Umrah is an Arabic word meaning “visiting populated places.” Unlike the Hajj, it is not obligatory and is voluntarily performed by the Muslims to show their devotion to the Almighty Allah. The Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed (between her and the previous one). And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing other than Paradise. “

Umrah requires a little homework. You must know about the rituals and how to perform them. But everything comes later. First, you have to choose a package of Umrah. There are a variety of Umrah packages UK, choose according to your needs.


Step 1:

Before leaving home, you must take the following actions to ensure that you are prepared to enter the state of Ihram:

  • Trim your nails.
  • Shave the underarms and pubic hair.
  • Men should trim their mustache if they have one.
  • Take bath.
  • Perfume can be applied to the body but not to the Ihram sheet.

Remember, you have not yet entered the state of Ihram. You will not do it until you have pronounced Ihram’s intention, and that is done once you have approved the Miqat.

Recite the following Dua when leaving your home:

Step 2:

You have gone to Saudi Arabia. Make sure you’re in Ihram’s clothes.

For men, it is sandals and two sheets of white.

For women, it is their usual clothing and footwear, on which they wear the Hijab or Jilbab.

Once you have reached Miqat, enter the state of Ihram by pronouncing the following words.

 “Here I am O Allah, making Umrah”

Note: In the state of Ihram, the following restrictions apply:

Both Men and Women:

Nails cannot be trimmed.

Hair cannot be removed.

Perfumes cannot be applied on body or cloth.

They cannot get married.

Must not be involved in any sexual activity.


Head must not be covered.

Cannot wear sewn clothes.


Face must not be covered.

Cannot wear gloves.

Step 3:

You will perform Tawaf (طواف) upon entering Masjid-al-Haram (ٱلمسجد ٱلحرام) in Mecca. Men must unclog their right shoulder during the first 3 rounds. Continue with the Black Stone (الحجر الأسود) and kiss it, touch it or simply gesticulate towards it.

Once you have circled the Kaaba(ٱلْكَعْبَة) seven times, your Tawaf is completed.

Recite this Dua while entering Masjid-al-Haram:

 “In the Name of Allah! O, Allah! Exalt the mention of your Messenger. O, Allah! Forgive my sins, and open the gates of your mercy for me”

Step 4:

After performing Tawaf, proceed to Maqam-e-Ibrahim (A.S.) and offer the prayer. Once you have done that, proceed to Zam Zam and drink from it, you can also pour something on your head.

The Quran says:

 “And take you (people) the Maqam (place) of Ibrahim as a place of Prayer” (2:125)

Step 5:

Now you will have to perform Sa’i(سعي). Reach Mount Safa(الصّفا) and walk towards Mount Marwa( المروة), upon reaching you will complete one circuit. You will have to do it seven times to complete the ritual.


“Indeed, as-Safa and al-Marwah are among the symbols of Allah. So whoever makes Hajj to the House or performs ‘umrah – there is no blame upon him for walking between them. And whoever volunteers good – then indeed, Allah is appreciative and Knowing.” (2:158)

Step 6:

This is the final step. Men should shave their heads or trim their hair equally. Women are only forced to cut the ends of their hair.

So this is, it’s just the general description of how to perform the umrah step by step. You can read and learn more about this on the Internet or in a book. All you have to do is concentrate on how to perform Umrah and allow us to manage your travel problems, such as flights, accommodation, transportation, etc. Have a great trip.

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