The journey of life in the Hajj. The religion of Islam has mentioned and prescribed that hajj is the main pilgrimage to the city of Makkah, as well as being the important and significant pillar of Islam, the religion of Muslim believers. It is considered to be the main religious obligation of the Muslims of the world, who must be financially and physically well to perform the rituals of hajj in the best possible way or as prescribed in the Holy Qur’an and Hadith of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hajj is the pilgrimage that has the potential to bring together the Muslims of the global village, regardless of their membership of any race, color, caste, nationality, etc. Since the last 14 centuries, Makkah and Saudi Arabia have witnessed the hundreds of thousands of Muslims belonging to the different paths of life. Everyone tends to head towards the mecca that is known to be the place where Islam was born. If you manage to perform hajj with sincere intention and a clean mind, you will be able to seek the pleasure of ALLAH along with the ability to fulfill the obligation of religion in the proper way.

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It has been the main religious duty for Muslims who must comply if they have sufficient financial capacity along with physical well-being. Once in life, as a Muslim believer, you must perform the hajj that is obligatory for all men and women who have been blessed with good health along with financial sources. As a matter of fact, it is said that the fact that the main pilgrimage in the form of the Hajj is not obligatory for the children, but you, as the elder, can take the children with himself in order to perform the hajj in the City of Makka One of the important and significant things about the main hajj pilgrimage has been the fact that before the departure of the hajj, the Muslim believer or the pilgrim must be able to repair the mistakes, sins and mistakes he may have made. in their life. It should be able to pay the debts already requested to the interested parties along with the effective planning to have sufficient and adequate finances and the resource of money to be able to go towards the country of Saudi Arabia in order to carry out the Hajj. You have to get in shape how to prepare for the appropriate code of conduct and the best during the realization of the hajj in the best possible way. 


Dua is a form of worship which our Holy Prophet (PBUH) declared to be the best form of worship. When we sit down and do Dua in front of the Almighty Allah for our desires and needs, ALLAH not only responds to our DUA, but also rewards us for worshiping. When we create DUA, we present ourselves as weak before the authority and power of ALLAH. It is said that without DUA you can not succeed and with DUA you can never fail, thus showing the value and importance of doing DUA. DUA is marked as a true cult that can never make a person proud or arrogant.

The most precious and precious moment of human life is when he confronts ALLAH and spends time with him alone. It is considered as the most effective way to be alone with our Almighty God. To build a strong connection between ALLAH and you, you need to do DUA. If he moves away from prayer and DUA, he will turn away from Allah, thus deteriorating his relationship with Allah and taking his religious activity to an inactive state. Dua can be done at any time and anywhere. There is no fixed place and time to do DUA. It is considered a magical weapon with the help of which we can change our destiny. We should do dua in all conditions, as it will bring you closer to ALLAH Almighty.

Prayer is an excellent way to make the believer realize that he is alive. A person who spends all his life praying and making supplications is full of conscience. The mercy and love of ALLAH surround the person like a fresh breeze. They always remember ALLAH and spend time in obtaining their blessings. No matter how busy or engaged you are, your heart and mind are with your Creator. While praying, the person believes that he can see ALLAH. Although we cannot see ALLAH but he can see us. Prayer teaches a person to be disciplined in life and believe in the fact that Allah can bless him with things that are outside of his mind and thoughts. This makes the believer live a vigorous life.

Prayer is an excellent way to go to your creator in search of mercy and love when you are upset and depressed. When there is no one to help you and understand you. There is no greater joy than reaching the mercy and love of ALLAH Almighty who can see us, who knows our thoughts and intentions, who knows our secrets that no one can know, who will help us when there is no one around and who can. Take care of us when nobody cares.

Surat Al-Fatihah, which is read during every prayer in a day. Believers tend to read this during their prayers and it is a mandatory part of worship that covers all forms of remembrance of ALLAH. The Surat Al-Fatihah is marked as the key of the Quran that contains the most beautiful and attractive prayers of prayer.

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