Umrah is such a pious act of Islam. Basically Umrah is one of Sunnah of our holy prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH). This act not only purify the soul of Ummah, infact creates an unbreakable bond between the servant and his lord ALLAH the Almighty.

Being so busy all around the year, the families mostly intend to make their journey towards the holy land in their holiday periods.

October is the cheapest time as compared to ester, Christmas, summer and midterm holidays. it is not only cheaper but also slow and clam period for Umrah season. Where you can easily get the opportunities to kiss the stone of jannah (Hajr-e-Aswad), Rukn-e-Yemeni, elegant kiswah of Kaaba. As the holidays mostly start from the last ten days but if any case, any family, group or even solo travelers are looking forward to perform Umrah in any date of October. So their flexibility of the dates can make the package even more pocket friendly.

So there are many companies that are offering various deals of Umrah but our company Airlead hajj and Umrah has always been giving amazing prices, best services according the demands of the pilgrims. Now you can also book your flights, accommodations, visas and transport separately.

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