Tips For Umrah In Ramadan

All Muslims of the world seek refuge in Umrah, because of great virtues, blessings, day and night, and the pilgrimage of Ramadan, because of the Prophet Hadith (may Allah be pleased with him) has been established (for them to establish Ramadan month) to fulfill this desire, to bring blessings, virtue, spirituality with other millions of happy Muslims in the world. Attend forgiveness.


For Ramadan and sacred places of Mecca and Medina in Ramadan, the above guide to the influence of millions of Muslims from around the globe. However, there are some features that can be implemented by the pilgrims, their experience is strengthened and guaranteed to increase the value of their actions in the blessed month. These guidelines can be traveled to Mecca for pilgrimage by Muslim pilgrims, 2019 pilgrims can also be used in Zabul Hajj.


However, to start the phone, first for Ramadan or for Hajj, it is highly recommended to find complete instructions and have full knowledge of process and processors, shortly, home-complete work The car is very much wanted to collect the full benefits. Additionally, the necessary documents should be automatically photographed and stored at any time, in addition, it is recommended that the soft copy of document documents, parents and parents, also sent to relatives and your mobile phone And a laptop.


Additionally, the rules of the country that you are looking for in Saudi Arabia, and make sure that you do not break in every way, because the pilgrims can successfully overcome them. Avoid getting a suspect from yourself, it will be good to say nothing at all, but face the consequences in the next round. Also choose the best choice; The best people who are able to pray and pray for prayers and celebrations, so encourage you to encourage them.


Although, most of the foods in Mecca, Medina, and other Saudi Arabia, have been controlled by quality control and checks, but it is still recommended that pilgrims should monitor their diet, with food and fat foods. It should be prevented and harder, which could make difficulties for the pilgrims, the day will be insecure. Try to spend fruits, dates, and other healthy foods that do not break your prayers and prepare the most important nutrition.


Above all, during Zamannah Iftikhar and after the time of Sorrow, drinking Zamzam water too much. Also, there are major concerns about hygiene while you are required to remove hair after age, try and see that your hair has been transported with a new remedy, because the pre-Saudi direction is available. New luxury costs only SR SR-20, so it is not often pocket.


Try to engage with the relationship between the world’s brothers and sisters, fellow believers and the Muslim Brotherhood, which you will have an intelligent and learning experience for you. On one occasion, many users from this experience, Muslims from the Middle East, Middle East, South East, Africa, Britain, North America and other places in Hormone (Masjid-ul-Mujahideen Hammam).


Lastly, at least do not interfere with the prayers, but do not forget to contact the house and pray for the honeymoon.

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