For Muslims there are geniuses. They have the belief that Allah has created a lot of creatures like animals, humans and geniuses. Several verses of the Qur’an confirm the existence of geniuses. The Holy Qur’an also has a surah with respect to the geniuses. Therefore, there is no doubt of its existence. The geniuses exist, but we can not see them at our destination. When you go for Umrah also visit Wadi-e-jinn we offer Cheapest Umrah Packages UK visit us for more detail.


Can you imagine, a car that moves with the speed of 120 km / h on a straight or ascending road? Nah! It can not happen, science does not approve, right? All right! You can experience this in Wadi-e-Baida. The car moves in its neutral running state. This road is present in the west of Medina. It takes only 30 minutes to get to this place from the center of Madinah. As there is no possibility of a car moving alone on this road without being oriented, this phenomenon is attributed to the supernatural forces or geniuses of the natives of Saudi Arabia. They have the certainty that geniuses play a role in accelerating the automobile. Some people say that they hear strange voices when they stay in this valley at night. Some say they experience strong magnetic pulls on their bodies. Some people say they have seen the water moving up. All these things make people believe that this is due to geniuses.



The upward movement of the automobile in this valley is not a lie. Some of the scientists have proposed great reasoning for this fast movement of cars in neutral gear.

They say that the road has a slope. It descends, but the optical illusion makes it appear ascending. Such mountains are called “gravity hills or magnetic hills”. This is an illusion! Nothing else. There is no participation of geniuses in accelerating or ascending the automobile. There are many mountains of this type in the whole world, with similar phenomena that happen.

Even if there are no ghosts or geniuses, you can have a lot of fun there. The experience will serve you with great emotion. In addition, you can see a great optical illusion with your own eyes. This is not enough, you can find attractive and seen things on your way to this valley. A small pond is also present in the path of this valley, this is a great site for people who live in the deserts. You can even find if there are geniuses or not, since there are geniuses and they can be present in this place. Although it’s an optical illusion, it’s fun!

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